Sunday, February 15, 2009

Also, she ate most of our cookies that night.

Back just before Christmas, Oldest and her boyfriend ran into car troubles-- in that they had no cars to get around in. The boyfriend's car had broken down (much like the boyfriend) and they were relying on Oldest's car as their sole source of transportation. Then Oldest's got a flat tire.

Now, I don't know why she doesn't have a spare, just like I don't know why they didn't go get the boyfriend's car fixed up. But I do know that the whole deal found us going to pick up Oldest late at night at her apartment on the bad side of town, with the Babies! in the car, and then driving her out to where her boyfriend was visiting his parents to drop something off before she came to have dinner with us. (No, I don't know why she wasn't having dinner with the boyfriend, either. I've learned not to ask.)

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And they can keep you from having to have your whole family pile into the car and come pick you up just to have some pork chops with them.

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