Friday, February 20, 2009

Everything's coming up Milhouse.

I think this might be the sign I've been waiting for.

For years now, I've been planning a move to Hawaii. My strategic plan for this move to Hawaii is (a) get rich, then (b) move to Hawaii.

There are those -- Some Guy At Work-- who will say that's not a plan. To them, I say Aloha. Or whatever the Hawaiian word for "quit trying to bring me down, man," is. It's probably "aloha." I've heard that has, like, fourteen different meanings.

Besides which, I don't need a plan when stuff keeps dropping into my lap, like today when I stumble across this site that helps people who are moving to Hawaii get their stuff to Hawaii, too. Which I'll need: I'm not going off to paradise on Earth without my comic books, CD collection and lifetime supply of Cheetos.

The site is run by ABF U-Pack Moving. All I have to do is pack up my stuff, and they drive it there. Or fly, or float it, or transport it through some kind of quantum teleportation device. I'm not sure how they get it to Hawaii. But I don't have to be sure, because all I have to do is pack my stuff and they'll get it there, where I unload it myself.

It's way less expensive than regular movers -- meaning I don't have to be AS rich to complete my move. I'm practically halfway there already. (Take THAT!, Some Guy At Work.)

I looked into it, too, and this place, ABF U-Pack, has a good report with the Better Business Bureau, and sites like give them a great rating.

So that's the first piece of the puzzle: I know how to get my stuff to Hawaii. Next step: scratch-off lottery tickets.

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