Thursday, February 19, 2009

Juvie is where Mr F and Mr Bunches are headed if they don't shape up.

When I was a kid, there were two threats my parents would make to us. Given how we behaved, the threats were made on a daily -- if not hourly- basis.

Threat one was "We'll send you to Wales," the home for boys. That was "juvie" for us, back then.

Threat two, and far worse, was "We'll send you to St. John's," which was the military academy near our house where, if we continued to misbehave, we were going to spend the rest of our natural lives, or at least that part of those lives that consisted of the -teen years.

Those threats worked for my parents -- or mostly; eventually, we just moved out and misbehaved as adults. But there's a different, and better way, to end behavior problems: The Total Transformation®

The Total Transformation is a child behavior program developed by a guy who knows the way kids can behave- and knows how to fix that.

The Total Transformation is for people who don't have patience anymore for family therapy or reform school or residential treatment programs, people who want a change for the better now, a lasting change for the better. Instead of artificial programs, The Total Transformation creates lasting behavior changes using at-home tools and techniques that work with your teens to help them learn to cope productively with day-to-day challenges.

The Total Transformation® Program will give you a simple parenting system designed to help your teen handle problems appropriately -- and it gets results, helping parents cope with kids that were overwhelming and bewildering and out of control.

You can find out more by looking at the interactive view of each CD and DVD that comes with the program, or go to here, where there is a quick 15-minute video, called Tools for change, giving a free overview of the program.

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lisapepin said...

I was there. Those threats of Wales and St. John's did NOT, in fact, work on you and your brothers. I mean that in the nicest possible way.