Monday, February 16, 2009

I know my wife didn't.

You know, if you ever decide to decorate that office of yours with something beside the Hang in there, it's almost Friday kitten, or if, God forbid, you decide to take down the ol' beer can pyramid and upgrade the decorations in your house, you could do no better than to check out the canvas art available at Art like this:

Nice, huh? A little three-piece canvas deal with a Dali-esque feel about it, something that when important people -- mother-in-law, Paul Simon, whoever, drops by, you can have them look at it and say "This is a guy with class. Yeah, he married my daughter/constantly accuses me of stealing the idea for You Can Call Me Al from him, but he knows his art."

The wall art available from says that about you; it says, in fact, more than just he's a disappointing son-in-law/he's nuts. It says that you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, you understand what real art is all about, and it says, too, that you're smart enough to not pay a million bucks for a painting.

It says that because the items at are reasonably priced. That little number up there will set you back only $249, which is way below the list price. And they're offering free shipping right now, so you save on that, too. They've got pieces ranging from 12" to 72". So you could get some smaller ones for the office and surprise the family with a new focal point for the living room.

You could always put the beer can pyramid in the bedroom. I'm sure your wife won't mind.

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