Friday, February 20, 2009

What's that song about? (1)

After putting Noah & The Whale's Jocasta on my upbeat playlist despite it's distinctly downbeat subject matter a while back, I decided maybe I'd give a little more thought to the music I'm listening to, and then I decided that I'd give you a little more thought to the music I'm listening to. Hence, What's That Song About?

Today's entrant: "Oviedo," by Blind Pilot.
Here's what I thought it was about before checking into it: Maybe some Greek philosopher? It kind of sounds like maybe it's about a Greek philosopher. Then again, how many songs are about Greek philosophers? Hey, is that a banjo? I think it is.

Here's the song:

Here's what I think it's about after looking into it: The lyrics say stuff like "The arches here here built 'cause they don't fall... 'Cause I left all my doubts on the airplane..." then they go on to say things like "The lights here are softer than you'd think/The dim lit peacocks in the trees."

Then if you Google "Oviedo," you'll find a lot of hits about towns called "Oviedo" in Florida and northern Spain. Since I've been to Florida and never saw any dim lit peacocks in the trees, and since I did not find my small soul there, I'm going to take a leap of faith and assume it's Oviedo, Spain.

Oviedo, Spain, has apparently been around since 761 and was once ruled by "King Alfonso II The Chaste," a guy who apparently did not understand that being the king can help out with the ladies. (That's him in the picture.)

Modern Oviedo also claims a "remarkable international hold" by virtue of the "Prince Philip Awards" which are "attended by relevant personalities from all over the world."

If only they'd limit attendance at the Oscars to "relevant" personalities.

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