Saturday, February 21, 2009

Something wick-ed this way comes. (It's a pun, and I'm not sorry.)

Where do you get your candles from? I bet you never gave it much thought, did you? I bet you just did what everybody does, and when you needed a candle, you went down across the river -- over that rickety foot bridge that nobody ever feels very safe on, if only because of the troll -- and into the flea market, but what kind of flea market is that, really? It's got all those werewolves roaming around, and everything smells like mint, and in between the tables of antiques there's always those used book sellers with paperback books printed in that weird language, the language that's only spoken by the three-armed blue people, and you only see those people at the flea market anyway, which is weird, too... plus, the last time you went there, they accidentally cloned you and now there's that trouble, too...

I've found a new way to get candles, so we can all breath a little easier -- literally; the mist at the "flea market" never seemed very... healthy did it? Toxic is more the word.

Instead of that, why not go to The Jar Store? Weird how normal and healthy that seems, isn't it? Why didn't we ever think of just having a Jar Store before? Would've saved a lot of trouble, now that I think of it, to have a place where you can just buy jars at wholesale without all the fuss.

We didn't think of it, but the folks at the Jar Store did, and they've got a website selling jars online -- and other kinds of candleware. The jars, the wax, the scents, the wicks, everything you need to just make your candles and get on with your life (without the clones!) and do so quickly and easily. You can sort through the scents and waxes right fast, as they say, and get down to ordering them. If you get stumped, there's a customer service rep waiting to help you by phone or email.

The Jar Store makes it possible for candlemakers and sellers to get their wick on -- that's a candlemaker saying, isn't it? It should be -- without all the trouble of going to the Flea Market or anywhere else for that matter. Which is good, because who wants to drive all over town getting jars and wax? Who wants to try to find that crafts store? Who wants to keep getting hit on by the blue people?

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