Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweetie's Hunk of the Week, #3

Hunk of the Week 3: Viggo Mortensen

You/Sweetie Know Him As: Loving family man/psychotic killer in "A History of Violence" and "Eastern Promises."

I know him as: Aragorn! Thank you, Viggo Mortensen, for finally letting women have something, however tenuous, in common with nerdy guys who read The Lord of the Rings four times in their lifetime!

Reason I Tell Myself Sweetie Likes Him: He saved Middle Earth, resisted the temptation to put on the Ring, and was very kind to hobbits. What's not to like?

Actual Reason Sweetie Likes Him: "He's just so hunky."

Point I'd Like To Make About Sweetie's Reason For Liking Him: There is a scene in "Eastern Promises" that lasts what feels like fourteen hours, during which Viggo Mortensen is entirely, as the British say, starkers. And nothing is left to the imagination. Sweetie claims this is irrelevant to her listing him.

Hey, are you seeing a trend here at all? Me, too! Check out the hair! Hunk of the Week 2 here; and Hunk of the Week 1 here.

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