Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's the etiquette for this?

This afternoon, I had to meet with a lawyer who wanted to prepare me for testifying in a case coming up in about two weeks. (It's very exciting; I never get called as a witness!).

We were in my office, and he was all dressed in his litigating suit and asking me various questions and taking notes and showing me documents and otherwise doing all the things I usually do to other people (except he wasn't trying to intimidate me and he wasn't trying to act as though he was interested; I usually do those things, too.)

Midway through the interview, I noticed that he was getting a little sweaty and seemed uncomfortable, and kept looking over at my space heater, which I had on, and which I needed on because my ankles are always cold. Always. Just my ankles, too. (They're cold right now, in fact. I wish leg warmers would make a comeback, and I wish they would be for guys, too. Business leg warmers, maybe.)

(Or I wish I could wear thicker socks.)

So anyway, there I am, with my cold ankles, and there he is, sweating, and all I could think was well, I really don't want to turn this off because I'll probably get frostbitten ankles.

But I did. I turned off the space heater and it's freezing in here now. I hope he appreciates it.

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lisapepin said...

Business leg warmers! Love it! They could make them in pinstripes. Or imagine a pair in a lovely wool/flannel blend. You should call Brooks Brothers and pitch this idea ASAP.