Monday, February 16, 2009

Three things that are really cool: Elton John. Las Vegas. Me.

Last night, The Boy was watching TV while I was trying to keep Mr F happy as he got over his flu. A piece of classical music came on TV and The Boy said "If they didn't tell you, would you know that was by Beethoven?"

I said "Yes," and reminded him that I knew a lot about classical music because I'd taken piano lessons for 12 years.

"Is there anything that you do that isn't lame?" he asked me, and I took issue with that.

"Playing piano isn't cool?" I asked him, before reminding him of the many cool rock stars who play piano and make awesome music and have had excellent careers. Guys like Elton John -- who I find out this morning is playing Las Vegas soon.

Imagine: Elton John Las Vegas. Is there a better combination to be had out there? (Besides chocolate ice cream and maple syrup, I mean?) Elton John's always been over the top and wild and fun, just like Las Vegas. Put the two of them together, and they'll add up to more than the sum of their parts -- like when oil and water combine. Oil and water combine, don't they? Maybe they don't.

Actually, Elton John and Las Vegas would probably combine more like those two little tubes that spies carry that they then mix together and throw and it blows up half of Oregon -- only more musical and less "destruction-of-the-Pacific-Northwest." It seems that Sir Elton is going to do "Elton John and The Red Piano," at Caesars Palace: him, a red piano, a band, giant LED videos of risque scenes, suggestive blow-ups: that's what "Rocket Man" and "Crocodile Rock" have always been missing, isn't it?

You can get tickets through, if you're interested -- and I don't see how you can't be. I mean, it's Elton John and Las Vegas. That practically hollers "cool." Just like me. I holler "cool," too. Then I go back to reading my comic books.

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