Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I will call him "Calendar Man." Or "La Man-O Da Calendario."

Bookmark this page: - -and set your calendar to see the "Watch of the Week."

Can you set a calendar? Why not? If we can electronically download books and my cell phone has an alarm clock, why doesn't my calendar have an attachment that lets me not only set it to remind me about a certain day, but also to play a little musical number when that day arrives? My computer will notify me, but all it does is make this weird "bingkb!" noise. I wish my calendar could be "set."

I'm not sure of the spelling of bingkb, either, so I went all phonetic on it.

The "Watch of the Week" is a special promotion set up by Bacario, a word that I think means "Discount Luxury Watches", or, if it doesn't mean that, it's at least synonymous with that because Bacario has a bingkb! full of luxury watches at way-under-retail price. Take the "Watch of the Week" for this week (shown on this post), the Technomarine Cruise Special 2008 Olympic Edition. It ordinarily sells for $375, but Bacario will give it to you for just $240 (with free shipping) -- and you can't beat that with a wet noodle.

There's a list of watch brands and makers as long as my arm for sale on the site, plus they sell earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings -- so if your ladylove already has a watch, you could pick up some sweet jewelry for her with the same excellent Bacario prices -- all backed by the Bacario low price guarantee.

So figure out a way to set your calendar -- I plan on hiring someone to stand by my calendar and sing out alerts in an Italian accent whenever a certain day comes up -- and keep an eye on Bacario for the Watch of the Week. Or, you know, just go there and take advantage of their everyday low prices and buy a watch today. It's your choice.

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