Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am in favor of this on many levels.

If a Croatian hairstylist can do it, then you can, too.

Jana Florisova is the hairstylist in question, and recently she realized what she described as a dream of hers and went in for cosmetic surgery -- breast augmentation, in her case. She didn't do this out of vanity; she did it out of necessity, because she felt her body was asymmetric -- small bust, larger butt -- and whenever she'd gain a little weight, even a little, she'd look all out-of-sorts and hated it, so she (in her words) "got used to constant self-control, diets and exercises, without that the appearance of skinny and tiny figure could hardly retain."

At 27, she went to a clinic and got her breast augmentation. She didn't get anything unnatural, nothing over-the-top or Pamela Anderson-ish; she just got an increase in her bustline-- and happiness:

" Even a week after this my colleagues complimented the way I look, but nobody stared at my chest and I heard no commentary like: “Oh, you have your breasts done?” It was because they simply look like mine. And so they are."

Jana took advantage of the lower Breast Augmentation Prices available in Central Europe. Cosmetic surgery is high-priced in the United States and Britain, but much more affordable in parts of Europe, while the standard of care is the same. So why pay a bundle of money for a simple procedure when you can get top-notch care at clinics across Europe (and maybe combine it with a vacation?) -- or why put off getting some cosmetic surgery because you can't afford the inflated US prices?

Jana didn't; she was able to afford the procedure on a hairdresser's salary, and they've got before and after results for her on the website (that link will take you to it) so you can see the quality of the results. (Guys -- look for business reasons only!)

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