Tuesday, March 03, 2009

All the wisdom in the world comes from comedians.

Demetri Martin had a joke the other night. He said (more or less):

"A friend asked me if I ever swam with dolphins. I said, sure. What distance are we talking about? Because I'm pretty sure that the last time I swam in the ocean, the dolphins were there, too."

Which is hilarious, right? And also it got me thinking about swimming with dolphins.

I'm thinking about swimming with the dolphins because of that joke, and because of the news that they saw a pink dolphin off the coast this week, and that while pink dolphins are common in the Amazon, they're not so common in the Atlantic, and now I've got dolphins on the brain and all I can think of is man, I'd like to swim with the dolphins, but not in the distant-Demetri Martin kind of way.

So I looked it up, and it turns out that swimming with the dolphins is something that can be done on these Grand Cayman Island cruise tours and excursions. The website that promotes them says this is one of the premiere Dolphin discovery locations, and they've got a "Dolphin Lover Swim" program, one for all ages that lets you get in with the dolphins and swim around with them.

Just looking at it makes me envy the people who've done it: Blue skies, blue water, clear beaches, and the chance to get in and swim around with some of the most beautiful creatures around... that beats looking out my window at the parking lot covered with slush, any day. It'd be a once-in-a-lifetime chance, something that's more fun that simply taking a Caribbean vacation (as fun as that would be, alone).

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