Tuesday, March 03, 2009

First Thoughts You Didn't Know You Didn't Want To Know (March 3, 2009)

The newscaster said today is "square root" day because it's March 3, 2009 -- so 3/3/09 is "square root day."

Only it's not. As soon as he said it that part of me that needs to disagree with stuff kicked in and I thought "First of all, it's not square-root-day, it's square day, or maybe multiplication day because "3 x 3" is not the square root of 9, just 3 is."

Then I thought to myself plus, it's 2009, not '09' and the square root of 2009 according to Sweetie's calculator [which I got up to get so I could check it] is 669.66 repeating."

Then I thought to myself if I used Dirk Gently's calculator, the square root of 2009 would probably be "a suffusion of yellow."

Then I remembered that I'd dreamed I bought back an old photo album of mine from a secondhand store last night.

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