Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sure, they've got him, but they also have to put up with Tony Romo, so it's kind of break-even for Dallas.

We have this leaky shower faucet that's harder and harder to shut off and harder and harder to control -- my showers are either all hot or all cold, and there's always a drip coming from it. I have a choice of either trying to fix it myself, or trying to have a plumber come out and fix it. Of course, if I try to fix it myself, that generally means that the plumber will have to come out and fix it, plus fix the stuff I broke trying to fix it.

While I was searching around for plumbers around here, I stumbled across a website for a dallas plumber, the "Princess Dallas Plumbing" company, and not only do they have good reviews of their work right on the site, but smack there on the page are two things that I love best: the word "Free" and a coupon.

So if I lived in Dallas, I could get the best plumber in Dallas to give me a free estimate, and then get 10% off his services, to boot.

But I live in Wisconsin, so it's time, I guess, to get my tools out and get to work. And by tools, I mean a butter knife and my iPod. Sweetie will take care of calling the plumber as I begin.

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