Friday, March 06, 2009

Its name might actually be "Mystery Secret Dog."

The neighbor kid next door got a dog about a month ago, or maybe two, and despite his always saying he's against dogs, I think The Boy actually likes his friend's dog. I know Middle likes dogs, too, and Oldest has her Mystery Secret Dog, so it seems as though I am surrounded by dog lovers and I never actually knew it until recently.

Which makes it lucky that I stumbled across Five Star Fido, which sells Planet Dog accessories and dog items. Accessories like "Fetch Me Flyers" disks made just for throwing and catching and fetching -- which I know from my own dogs owned as a kid, dogs love to do. They actually look pretty neat -- like stuffed Frisbees, with larger rims, so that they can be thrown without worrying about breaking stuff, and it looks like the kind of thing that a dog wouldn't mind chewing on and carrying (I always wondered if they hated catching real plastic Frisbees because it looked like it would hurt.)

Now, I can bookmark that page and be ready with gifts when and if Oldest admits to owning Mystery Secret Dog, and when Middle and The Boy end up getting their own dogs, too.

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