Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Then again, if they say it's good I might get my hopes up and have them dashed, cruelly, on the rocks of disappointment.

I invited Sweetie to go see "Watchmen" this morning because I wanted to be romantic -- and while asking my wife to go see a movie based on a weird and overrated comic book may not seem romantic, it is, because I don't want to see the movie, she does. So I'm being romantic by caving in and taking her to see it. (She hasn't accepted yet; somehow, I thought that those tense moments where you wait to see if she'll go out with you would end when I got married.)

Sweetie wants to see "Watchmen," I expect, because of all the hype -- ads are touting it, people are talking it up on the Internet, comic book geeks are marching across the country by candelight to pay homage to the visionary director who... blah blah blah.

I hope it's good. I hope it lives up to all the hype. I won't know until I see it, because it hasn't been released yet and so the usual site where I go to find out about Movies and other pop culture things hasn't yet talked about it.

I've learned that I can't trust the ads and the reviews that I see in TV and magazines and sometimes the newspaper. I can't trust ads because they pick out only the best parts and show them to you; judging by the ads, "Throw Momma From The Train" was a hilarious movie -- but if you WATCHED it, you realized it wasn't so much a "movie" as it was a filmed humorectomy.

And reviews are always suspect. I don't know what kind of music or movies the reviewer likes, so if they pan a band I might like, or praise a movie I might hate, I've got no reference point. What if the reviewer wants to be a hipster and so automatically says that anything out of New York is awesome? I'd end up getting sucked into listening to TV On The Radio again -- and no thanks, man. No, thanks.

So I've turned for my music reviews and movie talk and other references to a site where people can read what real people say about movies. Not critics talking about "cinematography" but people talking about whether Andy Samberg's movies are any good -- and who'll note that watching the movie "Hot Rod" is like watching the Napoleon Dynamite bike-jump 30 times.

That's the kind of review I can use. I'm hoping that they'll put up something about Watchmen, too, before I go, so I can maybe get my hopes up that the movie will be better than the comic. And they should -- if you go see a sneak preview, or if you were IN the movie, go over to that site and put up a review, quick. You'll probably like the site anyway, what with its Mystery Movie Reviews and reviews of games, and listings of "most hated" stuff -- and it's pretty easy to sign up and start reviewing things yourself.

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