Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pallin' with Al. And pie. Pallin' with Al and Pie.

If there's one thing that can make a vacation better, it's pie.

If there are TWO things that could make a vacation better, it's pie, and Al Roker.

The Hilton now has combined those three fabulous things -- vacations, pie, and Al Roker -- into one phenomenal vacation package and contest. They're having the First Annual "Great American Pie Show" -- a contest sponsored by Branson and Taste of Home magazine. Your pie recipe could get $2500 cash and a trip for two for 4 days to Branson, Missouri.

Great American Pie Contest is on April 24 and 25, and is right next to the Hiltons in Branson, so you could attend the contest, meet Al Roker, and stay at excellent hotels while taking advantage of the special rate that the Hiltons are offering for that contest (there's a special block of rooms reserved just for the contest!)

In between pie-eating and pie-competing, you'll be able to watch college basketball championships or Bass fishing tournaments, and take in all the shows and family entertainment Branson is increasingly known for. Branson is fast becoming the vacation destination of choice -- lakes, museums, and even theme parks, making the city like Florida only without alligators eating your children.

Your perfect Branson vacation, then, would be something like this: Book into the Hilton. Go visit a phenomenal golf course in the morning, then see a live show that night at one of their 49 theaters. The next day, theme park it up with the kids. Day three: Pie & Al Roker, all day long. Day four, have someone wheel you to the airport.

Wait, that's MY perfect Branson vacation. Get your own.


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