Thursday, March 05, 2009

Zammo! I like that word.

The only way shopping on the Internet could get any easier, I thought, was if the products used themselves after you bought them. I mean, it's already ridiculously easy to shop online -- browse through dozens of sites in the time it used to take just to get into the car...

(well, if you walk slowly, at least)

... and then click and type a little and zammo, the product is shipping to you and in your hands and you didn't even have pants on.

(don't ask.)

And yet, the innovative minds out there found a way to make Internet shopping still easier, and it doesn't involve the products using themselves. ('Cause, why would I want to buy an iPod that would listen to itself?)

This new innovation is Price Drop Alert, and it's keen. Price Drop Alert lets you keep tabs on the stuff you want to buy and notifies you when the price has fallen to where you want it. Just go to their site, add a product to your "alert list" (I made one for an iPod voice recorder, so that I can record myself singing in the car and then share it with you, my adoring public) and they'll email you whenever the product you want is available at a lower price.

It's not even hard to find the stuff. You can search by name or category, then just click on "Price Drop Alert" and enter your name and email address. Like I said, zammo! You'll get your Price Alert.

Then, while you're there, you can check out their online coupons, codes, and deals from online stores, saving you money before you get your first alert.

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