Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At least I could be sure that nobody else had my domain name...

Everyone thinks that if you want to make money on the Internet, all you have to do is have a gimmick or interesting content or both -- like the time I created "Virtual Toast.Com." I came up with the idea, set up the site, and just sat back and waited for the money to roll in.

I'm... um... still waiting.

It turns out that the world is not ready for "Virtual Toast." (Stupid world!) But it turns out, too, that there's more to making money on the internet than just a killer idea -- and come ON, "Virtual Toast" is the greatest idea involving sliced bread since sliced bread.

The steps to making money on the Internet don't begin, as I've found, with simply developing a way to ship the world the EXACT toast it wants, in just 3-4 weeks, with NO TROUBLE on their part. (Stupid world! It's Genius!) They begin, instead, with getting your website online and hosted by a decent web host, one that's not going to crash, one that can handle the bandwidth required for the multitudes of people who will be ordering toast online, one that can in short meet the demands you require for your website.

If only I'd known, and not gone with Uncle Filbert's Web Hosting & Possum Skinnin' Service. But I had these possums lying around, and I thought "I'll get two birds with one stone," and the rest is history.

I COULD have, but didn't, gone with the best web hosting review site around, the Web Hosting Geeks -- guys (and maybe gals) who review and rate and link to web hosting sites, making it easy to tell which ones charge the most, the least, offer the most (or the least), which ones will clearly NOT be experts at possum skinnin' no matter WHAT the home-made sign on the mailbox says, and a variety of other ways to compare services.

And not just that, either: Web Hosting Geeks has a blog where they fill in your knowledge gaps about these things -- gaps like "What is a web hosting service, anyway?" and "What do I need to know about domain names?" and more, all there in non-technospeak and easy to understand blog posts.

If I'd found them first, I'd have known not only to avoid Uncle Filbert's, but also to give my website a better, easier to handle domain name -- I could have gone with "Virtual," instead of the one I picked: youstupidworldyou'dbetterstartorderingmystufforelseI'mgoingtobereallymadatyouplusIwillnevergettoretiretoHawaiiifyoudon'

So for all your industry news, web hosting questions, domain name problems, and other information, check out Web Hosting Geeks. And if you see Uncle Filbert, tell me he owes me three possum skins.

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