Monday, March 16, 2009

It'll also have a waterfall, according to this sketch I made on the back of a magazine.

One of the final projects this year will be to undo the remainder of the garden The Boy and I tried to put in about 6 years ago on a day when we were feeling especially ambitious and green-thumb-y. We dug out about an 8x10-foot section of the backyard, tilled it up, got seeds, and planted it all (Sweetie was not home, naturally; I find my desire to tear up hunks of the house or yard increases in direct proportion to Sweetie's distance from home. If she were ever to go to, say, the West Coast by herself, I'd probably tear our house down and build a new one. Or at least knock some holes in the wall and then get bored and go watch "Lost" on DVD.)

Our garden made it through two years before we got bored and decided that we were not especially successful at gardening. One particularly unsatisfying part of it was the tomatoes. We had tomato towers and tomato plants and high hopes, and I was looking forward to big, juicy homegrown tomatoes that I could, say, slice onto burgers when family came over and mention, casually "Oh, yeah, these? We grew these in the backyard."

But they never came in -- period. We didn't get a single tomato and I had to conclude that tomatoes are harder to grow than I expected they would be. And now, with the garden slated for demising (?) this year, we might never get tomatoes.

I am, though, rethinking my stance just a bit since I discovered the organic tomato growing kit on sale from Safer Brand. The organic kit has a "Stake It Easy™" tower that allows for increasing height and width of the plants, with easy assembly, and it comes with The Safer® Brand Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer to fight off the bugs that no doubt helped kill of my tomato plants int he past -- without harming the plants: no more aphids, or caterpillars, of "cabbage loopers," whatever those are -- it'll fight them and you don't even have to know what it's fighting!-- and it's all organic.

So with those on my side, maybe I'll give the garden one last go before we get rid of it and put in that Koi Pond my plans call for. After all, what're the odds Sweetie will go away long enough for me to dig down to the water table?


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