Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I also sold some comic books and made $23.00. Less shipping.

With the economy slugging along, maybe it's time to take a sharp look at all the stuff you've got laying around and try to get yourself a little less junk and a little more cash. One report I saw said that on average there's $2,200 worth of stuff sitting in your house that someone else would buy.

We tried, once, to have a garage sale. We put up signs, hauled stuff to the garage, and I hired the kids to man it. Then it rained and a tree fell on the driveway -- putting the kibosh on that. Total earned: $13.50.

I also tried selling some stuff on eBay once -- what a colossal ordeal THAT was. Setting up the account, taking pictures, uploading, downloading, and then dealing with all the email inquiries from people who wanted to know if it was a GENUINE Beatles album (yes) and whether I'd drop the asking price (no.)

So if neither of those seems like a good idea, but you've got to make ends meet or want some extra cash, or maybe are out of work and have to come up with rent, try isold it -- a company that'll do your selling for you on eBay.

iSold It is a full service drop off store: you drop the stuff off, they take the pictures, set up the auction, answer all the questions, and then collect the money and ship the product, all for a modest commission, leaving you free to look for work or collect up more of your stuff that people will pay for, or to just sit and listen to that Beatles' album -- the one that never sold because you didn't know how to run an auction the right way, so instead of having $15,000, you've got your album. But, oh, what could have been!

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