Saturday, March 21, 2009

Says You (3)

Supposedly, someone out there has identified The Mystery Song... but has not yet bothered to tell me, and so I am sitting here like a sucker reading my email and listening to "Rage Against The Machine" because The Boy is doing chores and so he gets to choose the music, and he has chosen Rage Against The Machine, a group I say he likes because a girl at his school likes them. The Boy, in response to that argument, claims that (a) he doesn't know any girls at school, (b) if he did, they wouldn't like Rage Against The Machine, (c) if he did know girls and they did like Rage... etc., then he still wouldn't listen to them anyway, and (d) I should shut up.

Anyway, more reader comments -- this one from Scott, whose blog "Husbands Anonymous" today puts life into great perspective. Scott agreed with me about the beauty of my job, and commented on whether Beethoven might have argued with Mephistopheles, saying:

It would have been a one-way conversation, given that Beethoven was hearing-impaired- lots of PARDON?s Love work days that seem stolen.

Me, too, Scott-- and for me, that's every day.

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