Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Like We Have Disposable Toilets.

The toilets in our house seem to get treated harshly; with so many kids I'd expect a little wear and tear, but it's ridiculous. We go through toilets and toilet accessories at a prodigious rate -- which means that we are not only contributing to the water shortage, but those toilet parts and toilets themselves are rapidly filling up landfills -- as are toilets all across America.

Toilets are filling up landfills, and it's not just my family, because people are scrapping their old toilets for new efficient toilets, which is laudable, except that while saving water, they're wasting other resources (like land).

A better option to deal with water shortages and seeking efficient plumbing is to instead go for the dual flush retrofit option of Select A Flush. The Select A Flush system lets you retrofit your current toilet into a water-conserving machine that lets you opt for a smaller flush when that's okay, and a regular flush when... uh... when you need one. Which makes it more efficient than you'd ever imagine, because on those... big days... you don't need to flush more than one time, saving money and water.

SO whether you're replacing your toilets out of necessity (us, nearly weekly) or out of a sense of duty and environmentalism (everybody else), go for the Select A Flush system -- which you can get for $5 off right now, too.

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