Friday, March 20, 2009

Mostly, she wore a giant t-shirt of mine and some shorts.

Having watched Sweetie try to find comfortable, nice, stylish clothes to wear when she was pregnant with the Babies!, I know how hard it is to find maternity clothes that anyone would actually want to be seen in public wearing.

We would love to have you to review our maternity clothing website. Our clothes are unique and trendy at very low prices. Check us out at and post a blog about us. Most clothing for expectant mothers appears to be made from surplus army tents -- only with a little less style.

Summer clothes, especially, are hard for pregnant women to find -- and what woman wants to go around in a bland green muu muu all the time?

That's why I'm going to pass along some information now, even though Sweetie is long done with being pregnant: because I AM sympathetic and a nice guy and all that kind of stuff.

And the info I want to pass along is that if you're pregnant, or going to be, and you don't want to appear in public looking as though you're impersonating a tarp-draped fishing boat, then get your maternity clothes at Kiki's Fashions. They've got unique, cute, trendy maternity stuff that's as stylish as, if not more than, regular clothing, and they're a lot lower priced than the "maternity boutiques" that want to rope you in.

And since I'm so nice, etc., I'll let you in on a second secret: Because you know me you can get 20% off on maternity clothes at Kiki's -- just use the code "blogfriends" at checkout and save yourself an additional 1/5.

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