Friday, March 20, 2009

To Quote Homer Simpson (Possibly the Least appropriate quote for this): Toot On!

I've written a lot on here about the troubles I've had getting the kids to do their homework, and the troubles I myself have had helping them with their homework, and I'm not really kidding about any of those things.

Schools these days, as I've noted a lot recently, seem less interested in teaching kids than simply warehousing them for 188 days a year. Add to that the difficulty parents have remembering math from 22 years ago and the troubles kids themselves can have, and you've got a recipe for trouble: you're creating kids that may not be able to overcome their own limitations, even if parents have the best intentions of helping.

That's where Club Z! Tutoring services comes in. I was a tutor in college and know from experience how first-hand, one-on-one tutoring can really help a person. Club Z! Tutoring Services offers just that. It's the world's biggest one-on-one tutoring program, a company that's helped more than 200,000 students do better in school.

Club Z! Tutoring Service can get you a Math Tutor, a reading, SAT, music, or other kind of tutor, and they'll work in your home with your kids -- at any grade level, too, from Pre-K through adult.

So by all means, keep helping your kids yourself, and keep hectoring the schools to actually EDUCATE -- but in between, get Club-Z to come and make sure that your kids aren't falling behind and are preparing for college and careers properly.

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