Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've looked everywhere.

All this month we've been cutting down on snacks -- in the last three trips to the grocery store, we've bought ZERO snacks and a lot more fruits and vegetables, which is having a beneficial effect on both my waistline and our grocery budget.

We had to do something, because both were out of control-- and not in the good, out-of-control-Saturday night-crazy kind of way -- you know, like those Saturday nights where you say "To heck with it" and put the kids to bed early and then watch TWO episodes of season 3 of Lost on DVD? Yeah, those are wild.

But this out-of-control was a lot more like the BAD kind of out-of-control, like the out-of-control when you mention to your wife that just for a second you maybe let your two-year-old sort of drive the car on the freeway. That was a bad one.

So anyway, the grocery budget's doing better, and it's only AFTER we start doing that that I find out about www. -- a website that has printable grocery coupons -- including even LOCAL coupons. All you have to do is go there, sign up, and print up grocery coupons for everything you ordinarily buy, and start saving money.

AND, they've got recipes, so you can jazz things up a little and stop making burritos all the time. (Save those for the good kind of out-of-control Saturday nights.) The recipes feature the stuff that's in the coupons, for a double-whammy of efficiency.

PPGazette also has online coupons and coupon codes -- you can find them at if you're interested in that.

So I guess it's all for the best, because now that I'm less snack-y, I can still use PPGazette to save money on groceries, and maybe then people will forget about that kind of driving time, and tell me where my Lost DVDs are hidden.

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