Thursday, September 24, 2009

3 Good People Are My 3 Good Things (3 Good Things From 9/23/09)

1. Chris, the nice TV repair guy, who was very polite to me when I took the Babies!' TV to him to see if he could fix it after Mr F shoved the TV off its stand. Twice. Chris was not only fun to talk to but also gave me an explanation of just how the TV worked and how he might be able to fix it, using diagrams and magnets. I'm saving the actual explanation for a "Cool Things."

2. The Boy, who rushed home from school on a moment's notice when Sweetie called up to get him out of school so that he could watch Mr Bunches while...

3. Sweetie acted quickly to save Mr F from further pain and suffering as she rushed him to Urgent Care after Mr F decided to try to use a toy barn as a stool to get onto his dresser, resulting in (inevitably) him falling down and cutting his forehead. Sweetie's quick action left Mr F with nothing worse than two small stitches, and the fun of spinning in circles last night while I tried to look at them. (I didn't play any part in the Emergency; my job was to sit in my office and then to leave early to take the TV to the shop.)

Also, my job was to refer to Mr F as "Harry Potter" the rest of the night, on the (flimsy) basis that his two stitches might resemble Harry's lightning-shaped scar.

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