Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I don't just want brownies -- I want PERFECT Brownies. At any price!

Like most people, I want every single thing I see on TV. That's the power of the electromagnetic waves broadcasting out of that screen: It creates and insatiable desire to buy the thing you're seeing demonstrated on TV, an overwhelming urge to buy anything that shows up on that little screen.

But how can you be sure that the product you're buying will really work as seen on tv? How can you know that you'll really be able to make a series of tiny burgers to delight your friends and family with (or, in my case, to keep all to myself and eat while watching Glee on Thursday night?)

In the olden days (2002), you couldn't. You just had to order and hope. But hope is no way to run an economy (as we've seen,) so now we've got something better: Actual product reviews of the As Seen On TV Products!

Star Reviews ( offers reviews of thousands of different consumer items, including now video reviews of the As Seen On TV products, so you can make sure that the ShamWoW! will really Wow! you and the tiny helicopter actually works, and more. You can watch the reviews, then order in confidence.

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