Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everything starts with the socks.

Everyone puts all this time into thinking about their shoes, and how those shoes fit, and whether they have proper arch supports, and where the toes are (we've all had Mom press on our feet and say "Is that your toe?", right?), but the only people thinking about how socks fit into the equation are the good folks at sigvaris.

Sigvaris, a family-owned, Swiss business, has 50 years' experience in making socks and hose that will do more than just keep your ankles warm. Their technologies have come up with socks and legwear that provide support and health benefits while still looking good and being comfortable to wear.

I've been perusing their site, because my feet and legs are always sore, and I found the "Sigvaris 180 C" sock, recommended for those who want to be stylish but who need some protection and comfort for their feet. It's a support sock, providing some help to your legs and ankles, but it's a support sock that gives extra space in the toes for more comfort while supporting the calf.

That's a lot of techy-mumbo-jumbo that boils down to "your feet and legs will feel better if you wear these."

They've got ladies' stuff, there, too, and have in fact hundreds of different legwear options. But don't be daunted: They've got trained fitters standing by waiting to help you. You can even call them, toll-free, at 1-800-982-0939.

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