Monday, September 21, 2009

Also, Mr F tore up most of my idea notebook. (3 Good Things From 9/18, 9/19 and 9/20)

"Where's your 3 Good Things?" Sweetie asked me yesterday afternoon. "I don't do them on the weekends," I replied.

No. There's no point to that story, really. But even in a weekend in which the Babies! didn't sleep all Friday night, they pushed their TV off the stand onto the floor, our computer acted up, and The Boy won the football pool for the second week running, I was able to scrape together 3 Good Things.

1. Mr Bunches invented a new ball-bouncing game: He stands on our stairs and I stand in the kitchen, and he bounces the ball through the doorway over to me.

2. Mr F's favorite manner of sleeping with his supersoft green blanket? He wraps it around his head and then strips, so that two days in a row, when I go in to wake him up, I'm greeted by a naked 3-year-old with his head swaddled up.

3. Mr F and Mr Bunches made it all the way through the grocery store with me on our trip to get cupcakes and hot dogs, with neither riding in a cart.

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