Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oldest always learns the hard way.

Over and over again, we've told Oldest about the importance of having car insurance, and over and over Oldest has not listened to us. Then, about a month ago, Oldest got into a minor car accident. Nobody was hurt, but her car was banged up and the other driver's car was banged up, and Oldest was in a bind, because she was at fault and she had no insurance.

Now, she's got to pay to fix her own car, and pay to fix the other guy's car, or she'll get her license revoked.

Going without car insurance simply isn't an option, especially when it's so easy to find insurance these days. All one has to do to get car insurance quotes online is click through and enter some basic information and in no time at all, insurance quotes are available and you're protected.

Oldest had to learn the hard, and expensive, way, how important it is to have auto insurance. Now, she'll have to learn how easy, and inexpensive, it might have been for her to avoid the trouble in the first place.

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