Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cross-Pollinization, and A Blatant Attempt to Win A Contest

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The weekly round-up of What I'm Writing & What I'm Reading...

What I'm Writing:

Okay, I haven't updated it in a while, but there'll be some big news on there soon. Should writers blog about their adventures in publishing? It doesn't matter what you say -- I'll do it anyway. (AAAUGGGH!)

We're up to Day 19 of 30 Days of Debt Collection: The only 30 day period that lasts, at this point, well into two months. (Family and Consumer Law: The Blog)

Joe wakes up in the hospital, screaming. And not because of his insurance co-pay! No, it's because he thought he might rule the world with the magic power he siphoned from the sun, in my short (?) story "The End Of Light." (AfterDark.)

Samson falls to earth, but unfortunately, lands in Tampa, surrounded by Valkyries. (Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!)

Jeepers Creepers! That's the fourth best Actual Horror Movie Monster, a topic I've been delving into in September. That and Miniature T-Rex's. (The Best of Everything.)

When water comes to life... my story ends: The epilogue to Up So Floating wraps up the story of Sarah and Bumpy's year by revealing how Sarah and Peyton met. (5 Pages)

The Boy And I Take On Event 3 In the Septathlon: How will this contest between two legends of sports end? Probably with us both eating Snickers and watching TV. But until then, it's thrilling! (Thinking The Lions)

What I'm Reading:

I mentioned a while back that I like to get mp3s off of Muruch. She's now also not just posting great music, but running 5 contests to give away CDs for FREE, just by you leaving a comment. So go enter, but remember: I should win at least one because I'm blogging about it. (Muruch)

I don't know why I like it, but I do. I've started reading Gawker, even though I don't live in Manhattan and the only time I was there, I walked around in an "I HEART NY" shirt and took pictures of flower stands. And I'd do it again, in a second. (Gawker.)

My Scribd friend of the week is Marco Tulio Pettinato, a dentist in Brazil who not only provides helpful tips on oral hygiene, but also writes, A LOT. I don't speak Portuguese, so I can't read a lot of what he writes, but I know he's brilliant, because he chose to follow me on Scribd. So if you speak Portuguese, or have teeth, check out Marco's site. It looks like that picture to the right there:

Did you know a short horror story of mine, Don't Eat My Face, will appear in the upcoming anthology "Harvest Hill," available next fall from Graveside Tales? Go to their site to find out more and order your copy! And don't forget to read my other horror stories on AfterDark.

Check out all my free stuff on Scribd:

Eclipse: Claudius wanted to be the first man to reach the stars, and maybe he was. Or maybe things went horribly, murderously, wrong.

Up So Down:
When Sarah's fiance drowns under mysterious circumstances on the night of his bachelor party, she copes by joining a group trying to prove there's a serial killer at work. Her brother copes by moving to Las Vegas and becoming rich.

Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!
In the future, everyone will eat squid jerky, and only Rachel, queen of the lesbian zombies, can prevent Armageddon.

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