Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That's right: I'm taking Green Day Down a peg, "3 Good Things" style. (3 Good Things from 9/22/09)

Sorry I missed yesterday. I do have a real job, you know. Here's my 3 Good Things that I was experiencing yesterday while not actually writing about the 3 good things from the day before...

1. Sweetie's idea saved "Learning Time." We worked on teaching the Babies! to count by laying out plastic spoons, from 1-10. But Mr F wanted to hold one of the spoons, leaving only 9. So when Sweetie would get to ten, she'd surreptitiously grab a spoon from the beginning of the line and move it to the end, like a magician only better. Mr F and Mr Bunches never caught on. Although if someday they persist in thinking that 9 and 10 are equivalent, I'll be the first to point the finger at Sweetie.

2. I got out of work early! Any time I have an out-of-town hearing in the afternoon, there's a chance I'll get to head straight home instead of back to the office. And by "chance" I mean "I always just head home." So I got home extra early yesterday, which gave me a chance to run out and finally get...

3. The Decemberists' Hazards Of Love Album, which on first listen is awesome. Here's my favorite song so far off of it, track 4: "Won't Want For Love,"

But you can stream the whole album in a row here. I love any album that tells a story. An actual story, I mean, not a fake story that nobody can understand, like Green Day's concept albums, which aren't so much "concepts" as "a bunch of songs that don't seem to relate to each other and yet critics, and Green Day, claim they tell a story."

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