Saturday, September 26, 2009

Plus, I think "Speedy McFasterson" is already a popular name.

If you're really fast and you want to get the word out about how fast you are, you have a few options. You could change your name to Usain Bolt and challenge a cheetah to a foot race to be shown live on the Ellen show, Tuesday (check local listings.)

Or you could have a business card that you hand out, naming you "Speedy McFasterson," and listing your title as "Really Fast Guy, In Case The Name Didn't Tell You."

Those all have their benefits and detriments, benefits like "Get to meet a cheetah live in person (and meet Ellen, too)" and detriments like "Have to keep explaining to people that name isn't really Speedy McFasterson."

Then there's the way that Charter has chosen to emphasize how fast they are: By having a Camaro Sweepstakes.

Here's a picture that emphasizes my point:


Neat, huh? Even the picture looks fast. As you know, if you follow Charter on Facebook, or on my blogs, Charter is known for giving away stuff -- most recently, they gave away a laptop a day. People love free stuff, but when it comes to internet, what do they love more even than FREE? They love FAST, and Charter is fast.

To emphasize just how fast, Charter is giving away a 2010 Camaro 2ss, one of the hardest-to-get, hottest, FASTEST cars around.

From now until November 26 you can enter; get the details by visiting Charter's site. Your entry will give you a chance to win that Camaro, but you'll win just by signing up for Charter services, as they're giving away gift cards just for signing up. Get 3 Charter services, and get a $100 gift card good for clothes, accessories, restaurants... lots of stuff, basically.

Then, keep up with all of Charter's great contests by watching Charter on Twitter.


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