Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1001 Ways To Tune Up The World, Number Seven

Maybe you thought this was all government-level stuff. Well, you was wrong!

7. Periodically, give up something you like for at least a month.

It could be anything -- a favorite snack, a favorite band, a favorite TV show, a favorite website, even the route to work that you like or that restaurant you always stop at. It doesn't have to be your favorite thing in the world; just something you like and do, eat, see, listen to, or think about a lot. Whatever it is, give it up for 30 days.

That'll force you to think of something new that you like, or to try something different. Maybe you'll listen to Primal Scream instead of Juice Newton. Maybe you'll realize that you like the view of the Monona Terrace as you drive into work. Maybe you'll find out you can start the day without coffee.

Then, when you've finished that 30 day period, give up something else. You'll never get stuck in a rut.

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abitosunshine said...

A great idea! We'd soon realize the things we can live without!