Thursday, August 13, 2009

DC31 will soon mean something to you.

If there's one thing I can count on, it's that we're going to have to get a new vacuum cleaner about every three months. I've become accustomed to it, and that's why I need DC31.

DC31 is a blog that provides price comparisons on the DC31 vacuum cleaner -- and only that. No extraneous information or posts about 3 things that are good or quotes of the day or fixing up the world or whatever it is other crazy bloggers are writing about. DC31 just provides information on prices about the Dyson DC31, and I need that, because around our house, vacuums don't last. The Babies! are messy, and are always spilling stuff and dropping macaroni, and toys, and shoes, and whatnot -- and the older kids, charged with cleaning up after dinner, do not take the time to, say, bend down and pick up the sandals and Mr Potato Heads off the floor. Instead, they run the vacuum over them, and keep on doing so until the thing gets sucked up, or the vacuum starts whining and steaming. Or both, which is what usually happens.

Which is when I head over to DC31 and find out how much our budget will take a hit NOW.

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