Monday, August 10, 2009

It's like Christmas in August. But to be exact, it's more like Christmas cards in August.

With August 1/3 over -- more or less -- it's time to start thinking about christmas cards.

Yeah, you heard me right. What, you thought I was going to say "Football" or "Back-To-School?" Why? The only thing I think about back to school is thank God, The Boy will have to get off the couch now. And I don't need to start thinking about football. Football doesn't need any preparation time. Football doesn't require me to coordinate schedules and outfits and begin saving money months in advance.

Christmas cards do. Christmas cards, which Sweetie loves to send out, have been in the past a major headache. MAJOR headache. With three older kids, each of whom has jobs and school and football and volunteer work and boyfriends and stuff, and two little Babies! who can't sit still for longer than it takes me to type this sentence, just getting everyone together to take a picture for a Christmas card is a huge hassle -- we have to pick a day months in advance and then hope that nobody gets called in to work or gets sick -- and, once we do get that date, then we have to load the Babies! into the car and get to the photo studio...

... and on and on and on and it's all superexpensive, and, frankly, I don't like thinking about it.

That's why I liked finding, a website I'm going to show to Sweetie and encourage her to use. 123Print, among all the labels and business cards and stuff they let people print up, also does photo greeting cards, and it seems about as easy as their name implies: pick a design, upload a photo, type some stuff, and we're done.

The benefit to me is that it's a whole lot easier to get all the kids in our house than it is to get them all into a photo studio, and once they're in our house, the Babies! are easier to control and settle down. That, and I don't spend hundreds on the photographer just to get a Christmas card, and Sweetie can order as many as she likes without worrying -- plus, if she finds out she needs more, she can just upload the photo again.

If I can get Sweetie to use, the only thing left for me to worry about is how to convince The Boy to wear the reindeer horns. I figure I'll bribe him. Is $2 bucks still a lot of money to teenagers?

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