Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm not just sad; I'm also a little creeped out because maybe it got into the house? (First Thoughts)

Every morning, just after feeding Stormy, I turn on the computer and go get the paper.

The each day this week, when I walked outside, I saw, just outside our door and just to the left of our front walk, a huge spider web with a big spider smack in the middle.

I hate spiders. Hate them. So on Monday, I was going to knock the web down and kill the spider, but then I thought: That web looks kind of neat, and it was big, and the spider wasn't doing any harm, so I left it.

Each morning, then, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I saw the web and saw how the spider was doing (it had tons of bugs caught in the web. It was, as I said to Sweetie, like "an Old Country Buffet for spiders.) And each day, I was a little proud of myself that I'd let this spider be and was co-existing with nature.

This morning, the web and spider were gone.

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