Friday, August 14, 2009

The Boys' Night Out Edition of 3 Good Things (3 Good Things From 8/14/09)

Actual photo of partying:

Sweetie went to her sister's last night, and The Boy was at football camp, and Middle worked, so it was just me and the Babies!, partying on a Friday night. And party we did -- all 3 of the Good Things are from our night:

1. We began the night by watching an entire episode of The Muppet Show, the one featuring "Mummenschanz" from Season One.

2. Then we went to the park and the water park. Mr F invented a new game at the splash park, taking little wood chips and putting them onto the geysers of water to watch them go shooting up into the air. It was hilarious to watch how excited he got.

3. Sweetie brought me a McDonald's cheeseburger as a late-night snack!

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