Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Boy will love Green Lantern! I'm sure of it.

Do you watch movies?

LIAR! You totally do and you know it. Why bother trying to cover it up? It's not a big deal. You watch movies and you want to watch more -- so you want to know where to download movies, cool movies and recent movies, movies in HD and movies for your iPod or other mobile device.

Well, if you'd just been honest with me and admitted you watch movies, I'd have told you about the iwatchfilm movie library, where you can download movies and TV shows online in almost any format you want.

I found this site looking for Green Lantern stuff, and learned I could get a divx or iPod version of "Green Lantern: First Flight" for as low as $1.99 -- and, best of all, you can burn the downloaded movies onto a DVD, which is excellent, because sometimes I don't want to watch them on my iPod; sometimes I want to watch them on the big TV and make my whole family love them as much as I do.

So let's be honest here. You watch movies. So watch more, with

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