Monday, March 30, 2009

Atoms are punctual?

My watch doesn't do enough to save me, or my planet.

It is a very nice watch, mind you-- it's fancy and has little gold and silver bits and, most importantly, it has the Buffalo Bills' logo and name on it, so that every time (get it) I check my watch I am reminded of my favorite football team (lest I forget...)

But it doesn't run on eco power. It doesn't generate power on its own from any light source available.

It also doesn't keep time atomically. I'm not sure how atomic timekeeping works, but I know that it does, and I know that I want my watch to keep time using the power of atoms. Or the chronicity of atoms. Or the something of atoms, whatever it is that might be, that helps them keep time. Punctuality, maybe.

Whatever it is, I want it, and I want my watch to be set by the "Atomic Signal," which I didn't know existed but which does exist, so somewhere out there a timekeeping station is keeping time and telling watches, everywhere, what time it really is. Watches except for mine, that is. Mine's just guessing, it seems.

My watch also doesn't have two alarms, a 1/100 of a second chronograph, a 90-minute countdown timer, a Greenwich Mean Time display so that I know what time it is in the place where time starts, and all the other features that cram the dial of the watch shown here.

To get all those, I'd have to get one of the
citizen watches for sale at Blue Dial -- specifically, I'd have to getthis watch, the "Citizen JY0000-02E Men's Skyhawk AT Multi-Band Atomic Eco-Drive Flight Chronograph."

That's another thing MY watch doesn't have: a cool name.

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