Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Quote of the Day, 20

"The library isn't as good a friend as they pretend to be. I'm getting screwed."

Tonight, on the way to grocery shopping, Sweetie and I had to stop at the library to return some of the boys' DVDs and so I could pick up The Chronicles of the Lensmen, Volume 1, (which I decided I wanted to read after the Lens was nominated as The Best Superhero Gadget over on The Best of Everything).

I had my stuff all ready to check out, and I'd corraled Mr F, who'd gone in with me. That, Mr F coming in, had already caused problems, because at the last minute Mr F decided he did not want to return one of the videos and I couldn't get him to give it up, so we were going to keep that another week.

Anyway, I was ready to check out and then the guy said "Um, there's a problem." I thought the problem was a mix-up over a previous DVD I'd returned, which they said wasn't returned but I know I did, and I even had seen it on the shelf, but before I could explain that, he said that we hadn't returned "The Wild."

And I said "I thought we did," but he claimed we hadn't. He said we'd returned the case but not the DVD.

How can you fight the library? It's my word against theirs, and they've got the power, as they proved because they wouldn't let me take out my books or the new DVDs. (They at least let Mr F keep his video another week, but the guy acted like he was doing me a big favor.) Then he said if I didn't return the DVD by tomorrow, I'd owe the library $30.

Thirty bucks!

So I left the library, regretting that I'd ever decided to become a Friend of the Library and fumed about it all through grocery shopping, and then finally came to the conclusion that I couldn't win this: I couldn't prove that I'd returned the DVD and the case together, even though I knew I had. So we stopped on the way home at Best Buy, and I bought "The Wild" on DVD for $14.99, figuring at least I could go back to taking out books (because this time Sweetie absolutely refused to let me just start using her card, the way I did years ago in my last Library Feud), and I decided I'd just have to suck up the cost of the DVD and chalk it up to experience...

... which is when I said today's quote...

... and then we got home and Sweetie found the DVD sitting on her desk.

But you, unlike me, pretty much saw that ending coming from the moment you began reading this, right?

The real kicker: The movie was stupid.

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