Friday, April 03, 2009

It's a real website, I bet. Maybe.

This is what scares Sweetie about me, just a little, I think: I am capable of sitting at our dining room table, apparently calmly eating a bowl of oatmeal and seemingly reading the paper, and then bust out a comment like this actual quote:

"I bet we could simply knock out the wall between the dining room and kitchen and turn that counter into a breakfast bar. Of course, we'd have to find a new place to put the refrigerator."

See what a creative guy I am? So far, though, Sweetie has put the kibosh on the knocking out of any walls in any portion of our house, or even of moving the refrigerator. Which means that I am frustratingly trapped in a house that continues to look the exact same way, every day, and which stubbornly is NOT increasing it's resale value and stubbornly persists in not having a breakfast bar.

If we lived in Denver, at least, I could probably convince Sweetie to go with this Denver Remodeling outfit, Sugarbush Construction, LLC. They've got a lot of good tips right on their website, things like "find out how much it's going to cost," and they also point out that some remodeling projects might be a loss, overall, if you remodel and raise the price of your house too far above the average price for your neighborhood.

It's neat to find a site like that, one that just encapsulates all the information you need and provides an easy way to get in touch with the company itself. I should bookmark the page for Sweetie -- and I would, except that she already bookmarked "AbsolutelyNoKnockingThingsDown.Com."

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