Friday, April 03, 2009

Chad, we will need to do a background check on you.

We had a mystery caller at our house for about a week. About 1-2 times per day, someone would call and then hang up if we answered or the machine. Caller ID showed the number, but when we'd call back we'd get no answer or machine or voicemail.

I thought maybe it was a client of mine, hoping to get me at home. But if I don't take calls at the OFFICE, why would I take calls at HOME?

The mystery was solved on Tuesday, when Middle said "It's probably Chad," without elaborating. Further questioning revealed little about Chad beyond "He's a guy" and she knows him.

We could have solved it faster if we'd used the Phone Number Hunter, an easy-to-use, handy website that lists areas codes for all regions, and also allows reverse phone lookup. I just put the "Chad" number in there and got some background information on him; if it were serious -- like, if he was "A guy" AND he wanted to date Middle, I could get even more information with just a few clicks.

I like stuff like that -- it's like pulling teeth to get information out of Middle (I know, because I've ALSO tried to pull her teeth)(unlicensed dentistry being one of my many hobbies) and whenever I can just go get information without having to go through that, I'm all for it. Plus it helps me identify people who call my cell phone and don't leave messages, and stop prank calls. The possibilities are endless.

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Mellinda Lane said...

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