Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And he won't steal your fossils.

Ever stop to think about the different challenges that face the same type of work depending on where you live?

Take plumbing. If you live in, say, Montana, your local plumber probably needs to know a lot about septic systems and how not to disturb the amazingly-valuable fossils that lie on your ranch.

But if you live in Manhattan, your plumber has to understand how your shower drain interacts with the 15,350 other showers in your high rise on 5th Avenue.

That makes it all the more difficult, and important, to find a qualified plumber -- like Anthony Mirabile, a local Whitestone plumber for Manhattanites. Anthony's site (I've linked to it there) demonstrates why he's the guy that should be called for plumbing problems in the Big Apple.

First, he doesn't bilk you -- right there on the site he says that you can probably take care of some small problems yourself; and, he recommends calling around to get some different quotes and opinions. I like that honesty, right up front.

Second, he shows that he understands the unique challenges that face a city plumber. You don't want to hire a guy that's fresh in off the Big Sky ranch; you want a guy that knows the ins and outs of city plumbing, and who's willing to tell you to shop around and compare his services before hiring him.

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