Sunday, March 29, 2009

The thing about the Qs is true. Possibly.

Albuquerque can be many things to many people -- it can be the headquarters for a secretive group of people trying to bring about the end of all 73 dimensions (as in my ongoing story, "Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!"), it can be a hard-to-spell stumbling block for kids in the local geography bee, and mosly, it can be... HOT.

Which is why, if you live in Albuquerque -- the only city in the world with two "Qs" in the name -- you need a a decent air conditioning system, and not one of those window-units that will wheeze and sputter and not cool you down at all. You need top-notch AC, the kind you can only find by locating the best Albuquerque HVAC-Air-Conditioning guys around -- which you can do without even any more work: Simply click that link and you'll be led to DHL Mechanical Services, Inc., the best Albuquerqe HVAC guys around.

They don't just sell you some junky stuff like a lot of outfits. Instead, they'll do an inspection of your home to make sure you get an accurate estimate of costs and what you need, and then they'll either fine-tune your older system or help you put in a brand new one.

This summer, you Albuquerquenos don't need to sweat it out anymore: DHL Mechanical Services, Inc., is ready to help you stay cool all summer long.

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