Thursday, April 02, 2009

It would have been better to start the day with this (First Thoughts).

When I came in this morning, I had to start up my ancient computer, which takes (no kidding) 20 minutes. Then I had to restart it because of problems. While I did that, I had to take part in a conference call that ultimately was rescheduled for two months from now. Then I tried to fax a letter. Twice. And it didn't work. So I had to finish rebooting my computer and open up my email and then attach the letter, which nearly caused it to crash.

And now it's 9:44 and I've gotten nothing done, but I did find this, which is kind of helping to put me back on track.

Update: That's a "response" to this:

Which is okay but I like the Beaker better.

Update, 2: Now my browser's "Back" button isn't working. My computer is less technologically advanced than a pile of Rice Krispies.

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