Friday, April 03, 2009

Bananos Away: (I Fought The Library, 1)

I guess I thought it was over.

With the finding of The Wild DVD, I thought the library and I could go back to being friends, but I see now that it's not. I took the DVD back yesterday and got my Lensman book and another DVD for the Babies!, and then, at home, later on, I thought to myself Hey, I want to request a book from them, so I went online and logged into my account and noticed that they said I had an overdue DVD, Baby Einstein's Meet The Orchestra.

So I checked with Sweetie, and we both agreed: This one, we had returned. We knew we did because we'd checked it out about a month ago, and Mr F and Mr Bunches had loved it (animals playing orchestra instruments, and a piano, which Mr Bunches called a banano), and when we'd taken it back, we'd agreed it was too bad we had to return it.

Just to be sure, I checked, though, and it is nowhere in our house. So I am not caving in on this one. I am going to fight the library and prove that they, not I, are wrong.

Step one: I emailed the Library Director, just today, and said this:

In reviewing my account online yesterday, I noticed that there were two errors. The online account shows that two Baby Einstein' DVDs: "Meet the Orchestra" and "Baby Galileo" are overdue. However, I returned both of those. My wife was with me when I did so. Can you please correct the error?

That's right. The library director. I'm taking this right to the top.

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