Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's Talk About S-E-X... or let's at least go watch some videos. (But not THOSE kind of videos.)

How did you learn about sex when you were younger? My education came from the most time-honored and reliable of sources: guessing. But I didn't rely solely on that. I'm not crazy. I also got great information from (a) Cable TV, (b) other guys telling stories that were no doubt 100% accurate and (c) more guessing.

That's why I'm the fountain of knowledge I am today. And also why I'm lucky that I don't have more kids than OctoMom and/or more diseases than the CDC. It's also why I try to make sure that my own kids know that they can come to me and ask me anything that's on their mind about sex, and that I will try to answer it. I will, to be sure, answer in the most awkward way possible, probably using metaphors, but I'll at least try to answer it.

I also let the kids know about Sex.HealthGuru.com, just in case, you know, they're weirded out by talking to me about sex -- they can at least go to a reputable source of information, one that will not begin the answer by sighing and thinking "What in God's name made you think of that?"

Sex.HealthGuru.com has videos on pregnancy, STDs, basic sex-ed questions, and more. They're prepared using information from actual experts (experts, I mean, who didn't get their info from the places I got my info) and they're informative without being creepy or lame, which is important because it means the kids might actually pay attention to them.

That kind of thing -- easy to watch, informative, fun videos-- might just mean that this generation of kids will know the answer to that ages-old question "What's the term for someone who believes they won't get pregnant if they jump up and down after sex?"*

*Answer: "Mom."

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