Saturday, April 04, 2009

There is music that's good for crawling backwards into a cupboard, and music that's not so good. That's really my point here.

I may not look like the kind of guy who can install a sink, but I am exactly that kind of guy: the kind of guy who, when the faucet to the kitchen sink inexplicably gets broken

-- "inexplicably" meaning simply "I can't figure out which kid did it, anymore than I can figure out which kid downloaded spyware onto our computer this morning while I was playing with the Babies! at the mall playground" --

But when that faucet inexplicably joins the ranks of the hundreds of vacuum cleaners and toilet seats and once a bed plus our old entertainment center, and breaks for no reason whatsoever, it didn't even phase me. I just put on the old Lisa Hannigan CD (ideal for fixin' stuff) and get out my tools, then realize that I don't have the right tools to fix a sink, my only tools being a sort of jack-knife-y thing that has a variety of wrenches and screwdrivers that flip out (it's like a Swiss Army knife only with screwdrivers), so instead I take the iPod over to the store to pick out the right tools, and a faucet, and more of the right tools, and a new sink, and then back home, where I argue with the kids about whether I should get to listen to my music while I fix the inexplicably-broken sink

-- their argument being I just listened to my music the whole time I was at the store, and my argument being if I have to crawl backwards into a cupboard, I don't want to listen to "Linkin Park" while I do it--

and then I fix the sink, and it still works, mostly, to this day, although I noticed that it's started to leak a little (inexplicably, of course). Still, I'm ready, this time: I've got my tools already, I've got a stainless steel sinks website bookmarked so that I can just point & click and wait for the sink to arrive at my doorstep, saving me the trouble of a drive to the hardware store, and I've got the iTunes set to my playlist... so I'm ready for anything.

Unless... you don't think they'd stick the vacuum in the sink, do you? 'Cause I'm not ready for that.

P.S.: If you need a sink, maybe check that website out. Whole sale prices, free shipping in the 48 states (Sorry, Hawaiians, but you live in paradise, so do you really need free shipping on top of that) and more sinks than even my kids could ever break.

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